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Let's Meet the Owner ~ Katharine

“Welcome to Pixels and Parts! I’m truly terrible at public speaking (public typing?!) so I guess I’ll just get stuck in! My name is Katharine, and I’m the owner of a business and Etsy Store called Pixels and Parts. I’m a 36 year old graphic designer, living in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. I’m happily married, and have a wonderful daughter. My interests include MMO gaming, graphics, music, hanging out with friends, and finding as many rainbows as I can! I’m very involved in the LGBTQ community, and as you probably guessed my favorite color is rainbow.”

“So what is Pixels and Parts? After my husband and I moved to New Zealand I wanted to start my own business – something small, manageable, and local. I decided my two most marketable skills were graphic design and computer support, hence “Pixels” and “Parts”. My intent was just to market locally and do custom work, but that all changed when I was hooked into the world of Etsy.”

“I started out making art prints with famous or popular quotes (I’m a huge Potter-head, as you’ll see!). Everything from movie quotes, to T.V. shows, to famous musicians and philosophers. Recently I’ve branched out and started creating graphics specifically to help other Etsy sellers brighten up their stores. Not everyone is a graphic designer, and many shops are left looking bland and boring with only basic graphic work. So I’ve begun to offer banner and avatar kits, customized with your unique shop name and tagline, to give your Etsy shop a “Wow” factor. These are available in multiple sizes, from a basic 2-piece starter kit all the way up to a 12-piece “everything covered” kit. I also do completely custom work for just about anything – Etsy shop graphics, posters, invitations, and much more! Just shoot me a conversation on Etsy, or through my social media accounts, and let’s talk about your ideas!”

From Katharine@PixelsandParts

Fabulous Finds

Etsy Banner & Avatar Shop Package | Premade Etsy Banners | Etsy Shop Banner Sets | Custom Etsy Banners | Clean Elegant Fancy Superb |

Etsy Banner & Avatar Shop Package | Premade Etsy Banners | Etsy Shop Banner Sets | Custom Etsy Banners | Clean Elegant Fancy Superb | 

Harry Potter Inspirational Quote Print | Sirius Black | Motivational Poster

Hide and Seek Rainbow Quote Print | LGBT Pride | Gay Pride Art | Motivational Poster | Geek Print |

Harry Potter Phone Background | Inspirational Quote | Motivational Art | Geek Chic |

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