Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Hemptress Temptress {Fabulous Finds in Etsy World}

Let's Meet the Owner ~ Meg
"I am a journalism student at the University of Winnipeg/Red River College.  I live with my three lovely cats.  I am a vegan, a feminist and an environmentalist.  I opened my first account with Etsy several years ago, realizing that I needed to start supporting small businesses instead of large companies.  I have greatly enjoyed receiving packages with personalized thank-you notes and beautiful wrapping – and hope to be sending more packages like this out.”
“A few years ago I learned to knit, crochet and knot jewellery.  Now it’s rare to see me sitting still!  On the bus, in class, in front of the television – I craft everywhere!  My cats have become so used to it they don’t even bat an eyelash at the sight of a string dangling in front of them!”
“I try to be very conscious of where my materials are coming from and how they have and will affect the planet.  Most of my supplies are purchased second hand or from small businesses (including Etsy shops).” 
“I get my inspiration by digging through boxes of yarn, beads, and knick-knacks – piecing together what might look good together. I love using odd things (like coloured tabs, bottle caps, bits of broken jewellery) to create beautiful and unique things"

Fabulous Finds

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