Sunday, 18 March 2012

These Beaded Dreams - {Fabulous Finds in Etsy World}

Let's Meet the Owner ~ Meral Guven

"My name is Meral Guven, and I am the creator of Beaded Dreams.  Beaded Dreams is a shop that sells handmade beaded objects.  My main focus is creating dream catchers where the netting is completely covered in seed beads.  I also started another line of items which I call “Lookin’ Good”.  These are fashionable beaded necklaces which can also be used as eyeglass holders.  I also create bracelets and beaded flowers, and anything that can be made with beads!"

"I got started at a young age, my mom saw a piece of jewelry in a store, and didn’t want to pay the full amount.  She bought me a beading kit and asked me to try to replicate the necklace we saw in the store and I came pretty close.  She also likes dream catchers and challenged me to try to make one that would really reflect light.  So after a few trial and errors, I finally managed to make one.  When people came into the house, they would ask where we bought the dream catcher.  Of course when my mom said I made them, I started getting orders from our visitors, and its been growing ever since!"

"I opened my Etsy shop in 2009, but I had to stop beading for a while when I went to University and went to work at the same time.  However now that I have a full time job, I needed something to relieve the stress of my job.  I started beading again a few years ago, and when I wear something I make, my coworkers ask me to make one for them! Now that life has calmed down, I am starting to focus more on my Etsy store to make it as successful as possible."

Fabulous Finds

Beaded Eyeglass Holder and Earring set Crystal and black
Beaded Eyeglass Holder

Beaded Dream Catcher Easter pale pastel color
Beaded Dream Catcher Easter pale pastel color

Beaded Dream Catcher summer yellow orange
Beaded Dream Catcher summer yellow orange

Beaded yellow flower wreath centerpiece
Beaded yellow flower wreath centerpiece

Autism Awareness polymer puzzle pattern earrings 2 inch
Autism Awareness polymer puzzle pattern earrings 2 inch

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